Trouble in Paradise- But No One Knows


Divorce is not uncommon anymore, and it really shouldn’t be news. However, when someone famous is getting a divorce, it becomes breaking news. This occurs even if there is no evidence of a divorce, just internal discord.

Entertainment news loves marital topics, Kimye simply researching potential wedding venues makes headlines. However, apparently there are some stories that entertainment news does not jump on.

There have been stories on international news outlets that President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama may be getting a divorce. Sources allege that Michelle plans to serve out the rest of the president’s term in the White House, but then live separately from him.

Information obtained indicate that the couple sleep in separate beds, Michelle did not come back to Washington with the family after vacationing in Hawaii ,and that Obama’s secret service team helped him cover up an affair. However, I heard about these facts through an international news source, and not any major American media company.

International news outlets have jumped on the story; however, the top news stations choose to be oblivious to it. A simple Google search for “Michelle Obama divorce,” reveals all the top sites to all be international.

I just find it interesting how different news sources report on different stories. News of the leader of the richest nation in the world may be having marital problems does not hit our news stations, but news of his wife’s birthday does.


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