No equality for you!


It looks like someone in an authority seat is finally taking a stand against the injustices that gay-rights activists have to face. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has decided that he will not march in the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

For some background knowledge, the parade is kind of a big deal. It is the world’s oldest and largest parade.

De Blasio said he disagrees with the exclusion of certain individuals in his city. Specifically, he is referring to the LGBT community.

The organizers of the parade do not allow gay-rights groups or marchers with gay-pride signs to participate. Apparently, doing so would contradict the colonial, Roman Catholic heritage of the event. 

The Roman Catholic church opposes marriage equality and views homosexual acts as a sin.

In essence, the religion is excluding people, even though it touts love, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Reuters choose to cover this topic by giving a quick summary of the events, not delving too much into either side, while the New York Times gave more insight into the history of the parade, including former mayors’ actions in the parade, criticism of  de Blasio’s decisions, and quotes from both sides of the issue. This may be because the issue is closer to home for the New York Times, so its readers may want more information.

Regardless of where the information is obtained from, the fact remains that an organization continually excludes members of its community from participating in a long-standing tradition. It makes them have to hide who they really are.

De Blasio is the first New York mayor in 20 years that will not walk in the parade.

The Catholic Church may preach love, but they teach hate.


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