Race to the Deathbed


Nine out of ten doctors prefer Camel cigarettes. Doesn’t it sound idiotic to say that today?

“GM crops are probably safer than conventional plants, according to the Environment Secretary.”

I can only guess how stupid we will sound 20 years from now.

Owen Paterson, environment secretary for Europe, touts the health benefits of GM crops, also noting that the rest of the world is accepting GM crops with open arms and Europe risks being left behind. 

He really shouldn’t cite the U.S. for reference on healthy ingredients, since we allow aspartame in our diet soft drinks and azodicarbonamide in our Subway bread.

Paterson said that GM crops are safer than conventional plants and food and that there is no case of any adverse affect on human health.

Let’s take into account the fact that GM crops really just made their debut. The fact of the matter is, there has not been enough time to allow for long-term studies on the effects of genetically modified crops.

Back to reality, shall we?

GM crops require expensive chemicals and machines, they will make poor farmers even more poor, they add pollution to soil and water, and will create stronger bugs and weeds resistant to their internal toxins.

In addition, they will kill bees and butterflies (which could lead to a collapse in the food supply), reduce biodiversity, and if we finally do decide to stop growing them, they would have already affected the normal crops.

Most of all, however, there is no extensive study telling us whether or not they are safe to eat.

It is also important to note that an oligopoly dominates the GM crop industry, so you can’t trust all the information that is being put out. Remember, at one point in time cigarettes were cure-alls. 

Let’s not trust people with our health who stand to make a profit.


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