Reality TV shows are so popular today that their cast members get treated like celebrities. With celebrity status comes news coverage on everything from tripping to getting a dog.

Moreover, with celebrity status comes the unavoidable criticism for minor things.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were on the April cover of Vogue. This apparently did not sit too well with readers, as editor Anna Wintour received plenty of backlash.

Yahoo news covered the story by citing both the criticism from the Internet, including Twitter posts, and the editor’s response to the criticism. also choose to cover the controversy, but it was clear that the article was more concerned about appearances than the actual “issue” at hand.

A news source can be judged by the way that it handles gossip surrounding celebrities. The more reputable news sources choose not to engage in the controversy by simply stating the facts.

Fox news just wrote about the news. So did USA Today and Time.

This is probably the best and least biased way to deal with the news.

One Twitter poster said it best:

Calm down everyone mad about the vogue cover. Know what you should be mad about? LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD.



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